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Meet Jodi

Hi!  I am so blessed to have you visiting Let Go.Be.  If anyone would of told me over 5 years ago that I would create a philosophy of life and would have a different approach to life....I would of looked at them as if they were crazy.  I am amazed that I am here with you right now and have a great deal of gratitude in my heart.


Let Go.Be Philosophy

Let Go.Be has created keepsake items to help you stay in the day and change your way of thinking.  A card is attached to each item stating the following. 

Life is all about the act of doing and taking action.  Our thoughts are very powerful and we have the power to change our way of thinking.  Wear this let go.be bracelet (for example) and when you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, doubting yourself, living in fear or self-pity or whatever it is... that keeps you from being in the "now", take the bracelet off and put it on your other wrist, hit the pause button and think about what you have to be grateful for and switch your thinking to positive, proactive thinking.  Trust me, you do this over and over again, you will find that you have the power to change your perception!

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Peace & Love Keepsakes and Gifts

Brown Leather Bracelet / also in black
Brown Leather Bracelet / also in black

ID Tag:  7 inch

Band Thickness:  2.6 mm

Plaque Thickness:  4.6 mm

Bracelet Width:  1/2 inch

Plaque Dimensions:  1 1/8 x 5.8 inch

  Please see size chart to order your size.

Heart Neckless
Heart Neckless

2mm Black  Leather Necklace with 1 x 7/8 Inch stainless pendant

Pink Ladies Let Go Be Hat
Pink Ladies Let Go Be Hat

One Size Fits All

Red Heart Keychain
Red Heart Keychain


Wedding script for Let Go.Be engraved